If money can buy health, no rich person on this earth would have died so far, But many people realize the worth of health only after they have lost it.

In the present day of darkness and distress of helpless people who suffer from a multitude of physical or mental ailments, a great Usha with shining sun has dawned to the rescue with assuring Smile and Confidence to relieve people from suffering and to improve their Positive mental attitude. That is “TEMPLE OF SUCCESS”. The very name picturises ‘total and unfailing positive attitude towards life, rejecting all negative elements.’

Temple of Success, is not an institution, it’s a social movement with a commitment to put a nice smile on every ailing lip.

Amruth Chikitsa

Our epics, puranas and History have gone on record that the suffering of the people was relieved by touch and blessings of great people. Innumerable examples can be quoted but a few most important are, Lord Rama (bringing cursed Ahalya back to life), Lord Krishna (giving beautiful form to “Trivakre” an ugly dwarf woman). Saint Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Gauthama Buddha and Jesus Christ etc. All these great people are endowed with Amruth Chikitsa capabilities. There are also great saints, Munis and Rishis, who were endowed with powers due to endless dedicated Sadhana (practice to invoke Godly intervention). The Amrith Chikitsa existed since thousands of years and a few blessed only were able to exercise such powers.

Greatest happiness in the world is relief from the pain.

Every life and body is a gift of nature and a product of ‘Panchabhoota’ – Agni(Fire), Vaayu(Air), Jala(Water), Aakasha(Sky) and Pruthvi(Earth). Nature has installed a ‘pharmaceutical factory’ in every living body which will cure the sufferings. Ancient wisdom has derived “Amruth Chikitsa” which harmonizes Body, Mind – Soul to rejuvenate the immunity system of the body.