Amruth Chikitse

An unrivalled, ancient Indian Aarogya Sutra

Amruth Chikitse

Amruth Chikitse is an age-old Indian wisdom to cure each and every physical and mental problems faced by humans. Our Rishis and Munis when faced with health problems procured this wisdom through "Tapasya".
Human Body is not a machine. We are all living beings. We are made by the Panchabhootas (basic elements - Agni, Vayu, Akasha, Bhumi and Jala). Today 98% of children are born with total health, but before reaching the age of 25, 90% of the people are diseased. That means to say we are gifted with health and are losing health due to our negligence. Today we are suffering from ignorance than ill health. We do not know how to maintain health.
Are you as healthy as your parents? Or at least half as healthy as your grandparents? With all the scientific advancement, humans are still searching for a solution to stay healthy.
There are various systems of treatment available to the society today like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Naati Vaidya, Siddha, herbal,etc and paramedical treatments like Reiki, Pranic, Malca Zadaic and so on but no system is capable of providing health to the society. Today allopathy has become a business than a treatment. It is ruled by Pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies' main focus is to keep the sickness in the sick. They are only interested in making the human body a dumping yard of chemicals and tablets. Even the child in the womb is not spared.
Ayurveda is walking in the footsteps of Allopathy.The original Ayurveda is long dead. The concept of readymade medicine is not there in Ayurveda. The medicines were tailor made to suit each person as every disease is as unique as the human being. But today Ayurvedic medicines are readily available. Sometimes steroids are mixed into Ayurvedic medicines to give a false sense of satisfaction. The same with Homeopathy, Siddha and other forms of treatment.

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Amruth Chikitse
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