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We conduct various classes to teach Amruth Chikitse to the people. These classes consist of 7 levels of training.

Dream big and achieve it
We all have desires, small and big, but do not know how to materialize them. The difference between a successful man and an unsuccessful man is the strength of their minds. The gap between success and failure is their Ichcha Shakthi (will power).

Level 1 of Amruth Chikitse is Ishta siddhi. It aims at harmonizing the Body, Mind and Soul to achieve whatever you desire – for you profession, health, wealth, education and spouse. This helps you recover bad debts, remove obstacles and come out of mental blocks. Based on modern Psychology and Ancient Indian Wisdom, it paves your way to success.
Ishta Siddhi will help you get what you deserve from this life.

Levels 2 & 3 –
The aim of these levels of training is to enable you to heal yourself. You can cure your illnesses as well as prevent the occurrance of future diseases. You can live a healthy life and will not find the need to go to a doctor.

Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7 –
Levels 4 to 7 teach you to cure diseases in others using Amruth Chikitse. You can help others in distress and cure their illnesses.

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